Food Connect is a social enterprise which works to encourage a fair, healthy and flourishing food culture, where food and the work of those who grow, produce, process, transport, pack and distribute are recognised and rewarded fairly. It home delivers local, sustainably grown food. Food Connect contacted us to help with creating a strategic plan for growth.

Later that year, due to personal circumstances, the founder decided to sell the business, and engaged us to assist with all aspects of the sale. We established a value on the business, assessed all assets and liabilities, worked through the conditions of the sale as required by the founder, researched potential and interested buyers, and reviewed the contracts for the eventual sale. The founder ended up cash positive by the end of the sale process, and most importantly the FC service was saved, keeping staff in jobs, allowing farmers to continue to sell their produce, and existing customers happy with continuity of service.  


Good Foundations worked with us at Food Connect Sydney to get our strategic plan in place and in the sale of the business. Stephen is clear, to the point and has a knack in identifying simple action points. The strategic plan that we developed was very effective and owned by all the staff. As a result we achieved many of the actions of a three year plan in one.
“On the sale of the business, Stephen's guidance throughout the process was invaluable. He helped navigate the many challenging stages and achieve the best possible result. He is somebody I trust completely.” - Julian Lee, Director, Food Connect Sydney

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