Introducing Craig Lawn, one of our talented team members. 

Why do you do what you do? 

I retired from PwC about 18 months ago and had as one of my key objectives to use my skills honed over 31 years to give back to the community. The timing of my retirement was slightly accelerated when I was diagnosed with stage-four melanoma cancer. A big shock but I am on a medical trial that is providing wonderful results so far. My appreciation of the incredible blessings that I have, particularly focussed through my recent journey, reinforced my desire to help NFPs by being part of the Good Foundations team. 


What do you think are the key factors an organisation needs to address in order to be well-run? 

The leaders and founders of a NFP organisation are inevitably driven by their heart and passion to solve a problem or need in society. This supercharges the vision, and attracts and drives their team and supporters. This is the inspiration - the purpose powers the heart.

Often, however, the organisational and business skills may not match their heart. This is particularly so with small to medium organisations. They need to use their head to use others to complement their heart driven skills. They need to be open to take advice and collaborate. Too many NFPs seek to do it alone. A simple diagnostic health check of the operations should be performed regularly to uncover the areas for improvement and collaboration.

The Board focuses on governance and being prudent with the limited resources they have. Great Boards are, however, made up of active passionate ambassadors who can't help but share the good story, and that are strategic thinkers. 

360 degrees feedback is also very useful- constantly seek feedback from employees, donors and supporters, and most importantly from the beneficiaries of what they do. Great organisations are defined by the "market" that they serve.


What is the most influential book you have read? 

The bible and any Les Murray poetry books.


What advice would you give to your 20 year old self? 

Be true to yourself, have integrity, and give to others before expecting to receive.


What have you been working on for the past few months with GF and what are you excited about right now?

I now have the privilege of time, energy and health to be involved in many purpose-driven organisations which is great. I've been working with Living My Way, who empowers people with a disability to be self-directed and make their own choices. I have been working on improving business models and strategies for various not-for-profit organisations...I can do all this and still have time to spend with my precious family and friends, walk on the beach, tennis, golf!