Introducing Michelle Taylor, one of our talented team members. 

Why do you do what you do? 

Because I love it! I especially love working with our NFP clients and together solving problems or imparting what I have learnt over nearly 30 years of working in a mix of government, commercial and NFP roles. Together with Stephen and the rest of the team at Good Foundations we share the ideal of using our skills and experience to support the sector become stronger and sustainable, this is especially important with the current raft of reforms impacting our clients, their beneficiaries and causes. 


What is one change you would like to see in the NFP sector in order for it to be a stronger, more efficient sector?

Collaboration, coming together to deliver more, value add, creating efficiencies and increasing impact. It's not about the NFP, it's about the beneficiary or cause. Maximising the limited resources and being brave enough to innovate- truly innovate not just do things not done before, but to do it differently. 


What is the most influential book you have read? 

Just the one? Wow that is a tough one, I don't have a specific book come to mind but rather I look back on some of the truly remarkable managers I've had the great fortune to work for. What they taught me very early in my career about teamwork, respecting all who I work with for the value they can offer - you just have to listen and walk in their shoes and never assume anything - best lesson ever, always check and clarify. If it has to be a book then one with blank pages and a sharp pencil - pictures do say a thousand words - it always amazes me how effective the use of a diagram (or a scribble in my case!) is for communication, to literally get everyone on the same page.


What advice would you give to your 30 year old self? 

Make the move to the sector sooner. Since joining my first not-for-profit nearly 9 years ago the sense of fulfilment even with the usual day-to-day irritations you get in any business has been worth it. 


What have you been working on for the past few months with GF and what are you excited about right now?

Gosh there has been a lot going on - I've mostly been working with a couple of organisations on a combination of their strategic plan, business model and collaborative revenue raising ideas. All very exciting, very creative and a willingness to explore new ways of doing things. I am most excited about witnessing the changes occurring in the leadership and the excitement in the teams for what might be possible. I look forward to walking the journey with them where I can, and where I can't, witnessing what happens next.